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Chalo Choro Mp3 Download Adnan Dhool

Album Viral Songs (2023)
Singer(s)Adnan Dhool
Music Composer(s) Soch the Band
Lyric Writter(s) Kinza Hashmi
Added On Oct 26, 2023
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Chalo Choro Mp3 Song Download

Chalo Choro Mp3 Song Download from PagalWorld Album, Chalo Choro Song Sung by Adnan Dhool, While Soch the Band gave its music and penned by Kinza Hashmi, Download in 320Kbps, 192Kbps and 128Kbps Original Soundtrack Always From PagalWorld.
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Chalo Choro Lyrics - Adnan Dhool

Chalo Choro Na Tum Badlo, Na Hum Badlein Chalo Choro Na Tum Socho, Na Hum Sochein Kya Teri Khata, Kya Meri Khata Hona Tha Jo Bhi Hua Na Tu Bura, Na Mein Bura Phir Karna Kya Shikwa Chalo Choro Na Tum Socho, Na Hum Sochein Milay Ga Kya Chalo Choro Na Tum Poocho, Na Hum Poochein Hua Tha Kya Na Tu Zalim, Na Mein Zalim Aey Ishq Bara E Okha Ae Hum Ney Bichar K Mar Jana Tha Kitna Bara Ae Tokha Ae Na Mein Marya Tujh Se Bichar K Na Tu Pagal Hoya Tu Bhi Raazi, Mein Bhi Raazi Jaise Kuch Na Khoya Chalo Choro Na Tum Lauto, Na Hum Lautein Milay Ga Kya? Chalo Choro Na Tum Rona, Na Hum Royein Hua Tha Kya? Kya Teri Khata Kya Meri Khata Yar Hun Mittiyan Chan K Ki Labda Ae Wakh Ho K Ve Te Sonay Tu Hasda Ae Yar Hun Mittiyan Chan K Ki Labda Ae Wakh Ho K Ve Te Sonay Tu Hasda Ae

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"Chalo Choro" Song FAQ

Q: What is the name of the album of the song "Chalo Choro"?

A: The song Chalo Choro is from the album "PagalWorld".

Q: Who is the singer of "Chalo Choro"?

A: The song "Chalo Choro" is sung by the talented vocalist Adnan Dhool. Adnan Dhool's soulful voice adds depth and emotion to the song's lyrics.

Q: Who wrote the lyrics for "Chalo Choro"?

A: The touching lyrics of "Chalo Choro" are penned by the esteemed lyric writer Kinza Hashmi. Kinza Hashmi's lyrical prowess adds a poetic essence to the song's message.

Q: Who composed the music for "Chalo Choro"?

A: The music for "Chalo Choro" is composed by the renowned music composer Soch the Band. Soch the Band's musical arrangement contributes to the song's overall ambiance and appeal.

Q: When was the song "Chalo Choro" released?

A: "Chalo Choro" song was released on "26th October, 2023".

Q: Can I listen to "Chalo Choro" online?

A: Yes, "Chalo Choro" is available on various online music platforms such as streaming services and music stores. You can listen to the song and immerse yourself in its enchanting melodies.

Q: How to Download "Chalo Choro" Mp3 Song ?

A: Simple! You Can download "Chalo Choro" song via click above download links.